Systema Business Innovation Center

It is an office center in Syracuse for companies and professionals that offers leased offices, meeting room, coworking room and meeting room including related services: utilities and secretarial services

  • FLEXIBILITY OF SPACES: Systema allows companies and professionals to reduce start-up and management costs through flexible formulas in the enjoyment of work spaces, offering a flexible and ready-to-change place;
  • NETWORKING: From Systema it is possible to get in touch with new working and professional realities, in which collaborations can be born and to converge skills and talents;
  • VISIBILITY: The company or professional will benefit from the marketing promoted by the business center in terms of greater visibility in the reference market;


An important cultural change in the way of approaching work.

Cost Containment

Our customers have at their disposal an office and fully equipped spaces without having to incur start-up costs.


Significant improvement of one’s professional image.

Our customers

Improvement Systema is aimed at freelancers, start-ups, young companies and self-employed who have the need to contain initial start-up costs, to carry out their activities in carefully furnished rooms equipped with every comfort and service. professional image..

We also turn to professionals who need to have an open space for workgroups, or for meetings and meetings
Systema is also an ideal place for training institutions that need an organized and professional space where they can continuously carry out their courses..

Our goals

Systema wants to innovate and make SMART work spaces. In this perspective, the office becomes a square, where social and communication relations develop. We move from the idea of ​​an office founded on the sizing of spaces according to the hierarchical level, to the office that offers opportunities to work in groups, sharing resources (technical and cognitive) and managing intellectual resources at best.

Our structure

We are in Syracuse in an elegant apartment of over 300 square meters located in a stately condominium with a private garden and ample parking. The structure is divided as follows:

  • An entrance with reception and waiting room;
  • A meeting room;
  • A coworking room with possibility of use for meetings;
  • Two offices with single workstation;
  • Two offices with double location;
  • An office with triple location;
  • Kitchen with relaxation room;
  • Two bathrooms;
  • Archive room;